A cryptocurrency backed by Emeralds

We are the first stable digital Token, backed by gemstones (Emeralds).

Feature 01

Online transactions

Registration on our platform and the execution of transactions do not require a physical visit to our facilities, everything is managed easily and quickly through our digital channels.

Feature 02

Fast and efficient

Our SGC transactions are instant, however, when buying large amounts it may take a little longer.

Feature 03

Payment methods

Pay through fiduciary currencies such as the AMERICAN DOLLAR, EUROS and/or through other electronic currencies.

Feature 04

Transactional ease

Freely transfer your SGC tokens from our platform to an external wallet (Electronic Wallet – E-Wallet) on a Polygon blockchain and then dispose of them at your own discretion.

Feature 05

Low risk of exclusion

No encrypted exchange is required to sell SGC, the platform is available 24x7x365 for your SGC token transactions.

Feature 06

Personal data protection

We are subject to strict personal data protection regulations. We guarantee our clients the total reservation of the information provided on our platform.

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